Victorian Minton Floor Restoration Derby

Victorian Minton Floor Restoration Derby

This Victorian Minton tiled floor in Derby had seen a lot of traffic and substrate movement over the years, the majority of which had been caused by rising moisture from the areas surround the cellar.

As you can see from the original photos the floor runs in various directions, the pattern has shifted as a result of the substrate movement. The damaged floor areas consist largely of damaged unsalvageable tiles and the floor had an overall dirty appearance.

Using a combination of reclaimed original tiles and handmade replicas we removed the old substrate and relaid the tiles using the best overall flow, naturally some compromises needed to be made.

If you have a beautiful Victorian floor like this, protect your investment and help return your work of art to its former glory. Our Victorian floor restoration service has been developed over years of experience, fine tuning our chemicals and machinery to produce the very finest restoration results. Click here to get a quotation today.

Services used in this restoration
Victorian Tile Cleaning
Victorian Floor Restoration
Replacement Victorian Tiles

Contaminants found on this floor
Carpet Adhesive
Linseed Oil

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