Victorian Minton Floor Cleaning Melton Mowbray

Victorian Minton Floor Cleaning Melton Mowbray

A superb example of Victorian tiled flooring in Melton Mowbray Leicestershire consisting completely of 1.5″ tiles from Minton Hollins. The floor had a few loose sections but otherwise fully intact with the odd raised area where the substrate had swollen from moisture absorption. The floor looked as though the mopping water had actively trapped excess dirt between applications and paint splatters where quite common.

In order to give this Victorian tiled hallway a complete makeover it was essential that we stripped away all the old polishes and sealers that were present. This would allow us to get to the meat of the soiling and make for cleaner more hygienic floor.

The end result shows the floor with a hard wearing satin gloss finish that enhances the natural clay colours.

If you have a beautiful Victorian floor like this, protect your investment and help return your work of art to its former glory. Our Victorian floor restoration service has been developed over years of experience, fine tuning our chemicals and machinery to produce the very finest restoration results. Click here to get a quotation today.

Victorian Tile Cleaning

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