Victorian Floor Restoration Stamford Cambridgeshire

Victorian Floor Restoration Stamford Cambridgeshire

Victorian tiled floor in Stamford Cambridgeshire, tiles manufactured by Minton Hollins. Requested to consult and repair this floor by Insurance loss adjusters after this floor was previously restored by a competitor using replica tiles that were both of a poor colour match and quality resulting in replacement. There was also some examples of poor tiling which needed to be replaced; see photos of the border.

The main problem with the previous restoration was a dusty white residue which to all accounts had been dismissed as a damp problem; this is not the case. All cleaning products contain a variety of ingredients: surfactants, builders, detergents, chelating elements and water. If used incorrectly on porous tiles these cleaning products will leave a salt-like residue as the water content of the solution evaporates. Unfortunately as these unglazed tiles are porous the chemicals are drawn into the tile body as the water evaporates quite freely.

With every cleaning of the floor the absorbed chemicals will react with water and to a degree dilute, a residue will form as the tile dries and then the process must restart. Using further chemicals on the floor will either exacerbate the problem or to some part convert the absorbed into a different sodium variant. We must always keep in mind that these floors are laid on a lime mortar substrate which will react to excess moisture, so all efforts must be used to prevent this.

This is a work in progress, tiles have been replaced, samples have been taken to prove there is no damp and to determine what chemicals where used. Further updates to follow.

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