Victorian Floor Restoration Nuneaton Warwickshire

Victorian Floor Restoration Nuneaton Warwickshire

These Victorian floor tiles were manufactured Godwin of Hereford and here we see how wonderful they look in the Victorian hallway in Nuneaton Warwickshire. Overall the floor was in a very nice condition with only a few loose tiles that needed re-fixing.

The floor already had an old oil and wax finish which had discoloured overtime; they always do. So this was the first thing to be removed, unfortunately some of the old oil had discoloured in the tile body leaving a few minor stains.

After a thorough deep cleaning of these Victorian floor tiles we sealed them with breathable sealers both of an impregnating and topical type, which not only help protect the tiles from further staining, but also increase their colour depth and make for a much easier cleaning experience.

The outside was also sealed with a hard wearing UV resistant impregnating sealer that enhances the Victorian tile colours whilst protecting them from staining. Naturally this was also a breathable sealer suitable for period tiling.

If you have a beautiful Victorian floor like this, protect your investment and help return your work of art to its former glory. Our Victorian floor restoration service has been developed over years of experience, fine tuning our chemicals and machinery to produce the very finest restoration results. Click here to get a quotation today.

Services used in this restoration
Victorian Tile Cleaning
Victorian Floor Restoration

Contaminants found on this floor
Linseed Oil

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