Victorian Floor Restoration Leicester

Victorian Floor Restoration Leicester

This Victorian tile floor in the style of a chequer board had seen serious movement with the bedding mortar arcing away from the lime pugging below, creating a large dome in the centre of the floor.

The tiles where originally manufactured by Craven Dunnill and are a dead 2″ square rather than the normal 2 1/8″ and are a very hard dust pressed tile, far harder than earlier plastic clay tiles.

In order to restore this floor, we needed to remove all of the tiles and mortar bed from the affected area and remove the correct depth of substrate. We then re-levelled the area with a strong flexible compound which was tied into the existing mortar beds.

Next all the tiles were re-laid with replicas being used where original tiles had been damaged, using a premium flexible tile adhesive and appropriate grout. Once the deep cleaning phase had been completed our breathable sealer base coat and new breathable satin polish were applied.

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