Victorian Floor Restoration Darlington

Victorian Floor Restoration Darlington

This floor in Darlington consists of both an original Victorian tiled vestibule and a hallway laid with modern replicas. The house had been subject to a serious fire, as such the floor had become ingrained with carbon deposits and then dirt from the repair work that needed to be undertaken by the builders.

We were able to strip out the ingrained carbon without any problems from the main hallway, the oil staining in the vestibule refused to budge as they had soaked so far into the tiles.

The hallway tiles were treated to our hard wearing satin gloss finish; the vestibule a matt highly breathable sealer.

If you have a beautiful Victorian floor like this, protect your investment and help return your work of art to its former glory. Our Victorian floor restoration service has been developed over years of experience, fine tuning our chemicals and machinery to produce the very finest restoration results. Click here to get a quotation today.

Services used in this restoration
Victorian Tile Cleaning

Contaminants found on this floor
Linseed Oil

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