Victorian Encaustic Tiles

Using highly advanced technology we are able to produce the very finest Victorian encaustic floor tiles for our restoration projects. We are able to create replicas from your original tiles or from clear details photos. Our workshop team can also produce encaustic designs from your sketches for bespoke projects. The technology also allows for us to re-scale current designs to fit into new areas.

Our encaustic tiles differ from others currently available in that they are made using different coloured slips to create the patterns rather than printing designs that wear away. The designs also run much deeper into the tile body to last far longer and have a far thicker wearing face than the ones currently available.

Though these tiles do attract a development cost for moulds and tooling, the costs are far lower than current handmade encaustic due to the highly efficient systems we have put in place.

At present these tiles are only available for our Victorian restoration projects to ensure the very highest quality control

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