Stone Floor Cleaning Derbyshire

Stone Floor Cleaning Derbyshire

A wonderful old basalt stone floor in Derbyshire which we recently cleaned for a local church. The floor had seen nearly 200 years of wear and tear, damp, oil and wax stains and different cleaning techniques. All of this had turned the stone very dull and hard to clean.

It was not our aim to restore the floor to new, but to bring out the life, colour and shine of the basalt stone floor as effectively and economically as possible.

Over the course of a day we stripped away the layers of old wax, grease and grime from the tiles providing a smooth and clean surface which we could then seal with our colour enhancing breathable sealers. The natural shine that is visible is from using our diamond encrusted cleaning pads which clean without chemicals; truly eco-friendly cleaning.

As always, for stone floor cleaning your only ‘professional’ choice is Carr Restoration.

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