Victorian Tile Floor Restoration
Stone Tile Floor Restoration

Carr Restoration Ltd are floor restoration artisans and a true experts in Minton tile floor restoration, stone tile floor restoration and Victorian tile floor restoration, offering a complete tile and stone floor cleaning and restoration service. We cater for both new and old stone flooring, services include cleaning of granite, marble, limestone, terrazzo, travertine along with cleaning of Victorian and historic floors.

We have years of experience in restoring both old and new stone floors and Minton tile flooring

Stone Floor Restoration DerbyshireWe have always sought to provide a level of finish others simply cannot compete with, we work differently, think differently and in the end provide that difference in finish. Over the years we have undertaken restoration work for many high profile clients, who can only settle for the level of finish and professionalism that we offer.

Covering both new and old stone floors, Minton and Victorian tile floors our restoration service provides our customers with a quality of finish previously unseen.

Victorian marble floor tile restorationWe use water based premium sealers which last up to 15 years, giving your tile floors excellent stain resistance.

Polite Notice: You cannot compare our level of expertise to that of a carpet cleaner who has undertaken a two or three day course, we are the experts in this field.

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