Specialist Victorian Minton Floor Cleaning

Specialist Victorian Minton Floor Cleaning

Over the last few months we’ve seen our business literally explode, interest in our Victorian floor restoration services becoming somewhat overwhelming. Unfortunately we simply do not have either the time or the manpower to restore every floor we are offered.

The area we enjoy most in our business is the cleaning, sealing and polishing of these beautiful floors; it’s what we are the best at, have invested the most in, and has the fastest turnaround. So it makes perfect sense to strip away the extra services to concentrate on what we are the specialists in; no one achieves results like ourselves.

So we have to take into account what it best for the business, our customers, quality of our results and make a few changes.

We will undertake very small repair work consisting of a few loose, damaged or missing tiles. But anything more than this we will have to pass on; we simply do not have the time for them.

We will undertake:

    Cleaning, sealing & polishing of period tiled floors (any size)
    Cleaning, sealing of period tiled porches
    Minor repair work (less than 10 tiles)

We will NOT undertake:

Anything outside of the above; very sorry.