Slate Floor Cleaning Nottingham

Slate Floor Cleaning Nottingham

Slate Floor Cleaning: A gorgeous slate tile floor in The Park Nottingham, in serious need of cleaning after a major refurbishment of the property. As you can see the slate tiles are thick with general dirt and more importantly the dreaded grout haze, grout haze which should have been removed during installation.

The floor looks dull and usually vibrant slate tiles drained of all colour.

Our task was to deep clean the slate floor and enhance the natural colours of the stone while providing an effective stain protection. This and remove said grout haze from the slate, this was the awkward bit as removing haze usually requires the use of an acid and acids alter the colour of the grout, which wasn’t acceptable.

But as you can see we removed the largest majority of the grout haze from the slate tiles, cleaned the stone thoroughly and brought the colours of the whole floor up to the max and all using water based eco friendly chemicals. The sealer we use offers up to 15 years of protection against staining.

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