Quarry Tile Floor Restoration Leeds

Quarry Tile Floor Restoration Leeds

Here we have three Victorian quarry tiled floors in Leeds that were found beneath cork tiles a few years back. As you can see from the before photos there are a multitude of stains from oils, grease, wax and some water stains from a dogs water bowl. From the colour of the floor it looks as though a cleaning product with a hint of linseed oil has been used to enrich the colours, changing the salmon tiles to a dirt brown colour.

Often when deep cleaning Victorian quarry tiles floors that have seen a lot of traffic, wear and domestic use you unveil marks, stains and often bleached etches that need to be camouflaged as they cannot be removed. This floor had all of the above in numerous areas. The bleached areas are more than likely from the solvent adhesive used to attach the cork tiles or possibly high pH cleaning chemicals.

Firstly we stripped away any accumulation of surface finishes before deep cleaning the whole floor with our biodegradable neutral cleaning products. We achieved a natural low sheen finish by applying our water based breathable impregnating sealer that will provide years of protection to these Victorian quarry tiles.

If you have a beautiful Victorian floor like this, protect your investment and help return your work of art to its former glory. Our Victorian floor restoration service has been developed over years of experience, fine tuning our chemicals and machinery to produce the very finest restoration results. Click here to get a quotation today.

Services used in this restoration
Victorian Tile Cleaning

Contaminants found on this floor
Linseed Oil

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