Minton Tiles Restoration Thorneywood Nottingham

Minton Tiles Restoration Thorneywood Nottingham

Kellie and I definitely rate this floor as one of the most beautiful we have worked on, it blends a variety of colours and encaustics around a simple cross formation; absolutely stunning.

Over the floors life it has seen some serious movement and shifting, with sections buckled and tented and with large plates shifting apart in a staggered path. This much meant that it was impossible to repair to its original alignment without taking up the majority of the floor.

Then as we starting removing some of the buckled sections we notice that large amounts of the tiles had been fixed down with hot weld glue (not by the present owners). Some of the movement had been caused by a reaction between the concrete and the metal supports, the resultant rust had lifted the concrete. The rest of the movement would probably be down to the lack of adequate foundations for a property of this size.

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