Minton Tile Restoration Spondon Derby

Minton Tile Restoration Spondon Derby

This was a great floor to work on. Not only were we working for a superb couple who loved their beautiful hallway floor and the character it gave their home, but the floor also posed a few challenges along the way; nice to get the grey matter working.

As you can see, the floor consists of quite a complex geometric pattern with lovely pale blue triangles around buff on red encaustic tiles. And if you can see them, some truly wonderful small blue triangles around the red squares. Theses blue triangles where a combination of while and blue chips creating a marble-like effect.

The tiles were manufactured by the Campbell Tile & Brick of Stoke on Trent, many of the earth colours have dished through wear, but this is part of the character of any great period floor. Naturally the white and blue tiles being a completely different beast are still as smooth as the day they were laid.

The aft end of the corridor had seen some movement over the years with a lot of tiles coming loose, plus many a repair job, with some of the tiles being set on decorators filler and plaster. We replaced those areas with original tiles and matched the grout as closely as possible to the surrounding areas.

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