Minton Floor Restoration The Park Nottingham

Minton Floor Restoration The Park Nottingham

The moment I saw this floor I knew it held bags of potential to be a truly stunning piece and possibly a couple of surprises. The floor has pretty much all you could want a restorer; beautifully rich colours, encaustic borders, a gorgeous feature panel and intricate patterns to tie it all together.

Set inside a beautifully designed Victorian property by T C Hine, in the Park Estate Nottingham. We really do count ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to work on masterpieces like this each day.

This floor was also the maiden voyage for a new piece of equipment we designed a while back and have been waiting to get fabricated. The result was less abrasion to tile faces whilst improving the overall cleaning results, ideal when you are working with encaustic panels. Plus it made for a faster clean overall.

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