Minton Floor Cleaning The Park Nottingham

Minton Floor Cleaning The Park Nottingham

This floor really was a catalogue of errors. Even though this floor had been previously restored we found that their attempts had been nothing more than poor bodges. With everything from the wrong type sealers applied onto top of old sealers and lots of dirt, to failing to completely neutralise their cleaning agents,

resulting in polish decomposition. Then there was ancient sealers which hadn’t been removed. You’ll also notice patches of dark red, this is trapped acids that haven’t been neutralised before sealing.

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An awful lot of work went into repairing these bodged attempts at restoring this floor. Please be careful who you employ to undertake your Victorian floor restorations. There are those out there, who really don’t know anything more than how to turn on their scrubbing machine and are still using DIY products on these floors.

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