Minton Floor Cleaning Olney Buckinghamshire

Minton Floor Cleaning Olney Buckinghamshire

This wonderful Minton tiled hallway floor in Olney Buckinghamshire seemed to continue forever, around corners under stairs and into store rooms. We found the floor to be in very clean state as the owner has already done a fantastic job of restoring the floor

with his own elbow grease. And as we’ve said before, it is really hard to make a clean floor look cleaner.

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We did notice that the floor had been oiled quite heavily over the years and this had oxidised and stained quite a few of the tiles, plus there were a few bleached tiles mostly around the borders. This is usually caused by Methyl Chloride based cleaners which really aren’t suitable for these tiles; or any tiles come to mention it.

After putting the floor through our cleaning process we then used our premium sealer and high gloss polish to enhance the floors natural colours.

Victorian Tile Cleaning

Candle Wax
Linseed Oil

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