Marble Terrazzo Floor Polishing Nottingham

Marble Terrazzo Floor Polishing Nottingham

Today we restored an old marble terrazzo floor in Nottingham, the terrazzo floor tiles we laid in an Victorian porch and had seen many years of use, full of wear and tear and covered with an old varnish. The tiles certainly didn’t look their best.

Our task was to diamond polish the terrazzo floor tiles in a high gloss finish, but first we needed to remove all the lippage from the floor which took some considerable effort as the lippage was really quite bad.

As you can see from the photos, the floor really does look a lot bright, cleaner and safer now the lippage is removed.

Unlike our competitors we do not create any water damage with our diamond polishing system, nor do we have to rely on polishing powders and crystallisation techniques, we stick with quality diamonds to polish your marble, terrazzo or stone floor.

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