Edwardian Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo Floor Polishing Nottingham

Terrazzo Floor Polishing Nottingham | A beautiful terrazzo floor in Nottingham we recently restored for some great customers who liked their floor as much as we did. Considering the terrazzo floor had been laid around a 100 years ago there was very little damage save for nail holes around the perimeter of the floor from where carpet gripper had been nailed.

Once the surface sealers and contaminants were removed it was a case of blending through the low spots that were too low to grind out, once complete the polishing process was taken right the way through to a high gloss diamond polish. A protective impregnating sealer was then applied to the floor.

The nail holes where filled with a special blend of resin fillers designed to blend into the existing floor colours. The polished look of the terrazzo floor was brought about using only the finest quality diamond abrasive, no polishing powders were used.

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