Can any concrete floor be polished?

It would be fair to say that most concrete floors can be ground and polished, though the quality of the finish is largely down to the quality of the concrete itself. Quality starts from the very beginning; right from the mix and pour.

If you have an old concrete floor lying about your home or business premises, we will more than likely be able to transform the look of the floor and give you something to impress your visitors with.

Achieving a uniform look

This is another request we often get and if this is something you require then we would suggest polished concrete is not the medium for you. Concrete by its very nature is organic looking because of the mixing process, throughout the concrete floor you will have varying amounts of aggregate exposed during the grinding of the floors.

In general we find that people are genuinely intrigued by polished concrete floors, their uniqueness and organic patterning wins visitors and customers over time after time.

Which concrete floors are best for polishing?

In our experience, the best concrete floors to polish are old council garage floors; sounds crazy we know! But the reality is that these old concrete floors were usually quite well laid with the least amount of tamping or over drawing of the cream from the mix. Plus with their age comes a nice hard mix. We always prefer to work on old hard concrete floors when contracted to polishing them.

What applications are best suited to polished concrete?

In general any floor is suitable for polished concrete as long as it is corrected ground, polished and sealed. But we have found that car showrooms, restaurants, garages and sun rooms lend themselves brilliantly to a polished concrete floor.

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