New anti slip treatment for polished concrete

As part of our premium polished concrete floor service we now include a superior grade of anti slip treatment, that not only makes for a safer floor, it also protects the floor from staining and increases ease of maintenance.

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Dave M. Carr is a professional tile and stone restoration artisan, who provides an exclusive tile and stone restoration, cleaning and diamond polishing service. Polite and professional, Dave has worked for high profile clients across the country, restoring floors in a way that only he can.

2 thoughts on “New anti slip treatment for polished concrete

  1. How tough is the surface of polished concrete – is it easily broken or marked by chairs, sofas and other furniture. If something heavy, eg a heavy glass vase or and iron?

    I love the look but can it be used over rough stone flooring and underfloor heating? Will it make the underfloor heating less efficient,


    • Hi Beverley,

      Polished concrete is extremely tough when thoroughly densified through the correct application of densifiers. I wouldn’t recommend applying concrete over a stone floor, you would be best removing the stone first. We have worked on many concrete floors which had underfloor heating installed, they seemed pretty efficient.

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