Levels Of Gloss For Stone Floor Polishing

We’ve just received a phone call from a very nice man asking about our stone floor polishing service, and more specifically the levels of gloss we can achieve and what grit of diamond we go up to. What kind of finish would we look to provide on his limestone floor.

As we explained, Carr Restoration don’t do things by half and that polishing of stone floors is like most tasks, without adequate preparation the finished result will be far from optimal. So going down enough grades to remove lippage, gouges and scratches from your stone floor is often more important that how high a grit you go.

But that being said we do go all the way through our diamond polishing pads to at least 3000 grit (no grade skipping for us), when trying to achieve the very highest levels of gloss.

That’s much higher than xxxx has quoted me, they go to 800 grit and use a polishing powder

That’s fine, it will still look pretty good; just not good enough for our standards. We see that level of finish as a shortcut to getting paid and if their finish and ours were put together there would be a huge amount of difference, especially in the clarity of the stone.

Gloss is relatively easy to achieve, but great clarity in the stones reflection is far more rewarding.

If anyone needs stone floor polishing, click here to request a quotation

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