How to polish a Victorian terrazzo floor

How to polish a Victorian terrazzo floor. Polishing a Victorian or Edwardian terrazzo floor can be a time consuming and often awkward affair depending on the condition of the terrazzo surface. Quite often the edges of the floor will be damaged by nails or screws from fitting carpet grippers, these holes will need to be filled with smaller terrazzo pieces and nice shade of filler.

The actual floor surface will rarely be completely flat which often throws out most floor polishers, leaving a multitude of low spots. Fortunately having spent many an hour working on Victorian and Edwardian terrazzo floors, I have developed quite a few novel ways to getting a consistent finish to an undulating terrazzo surface without having to grind away the whole surface.

As the floors have been down for years, often they will have been sealed with everything from goats milk, linseed oil to water based emulsion polishes.

I am now also quite adept at handcrafting new terrazzo fillings for repair works and often it takes even myself a while to find the filler in the completed floor.

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