How to polish a Minton floor

Polishing a Minton tile floor can be achieved relatively easily using the correct products. Essentially you need to ensure the floor is completely clean, free of dirt, grease, grime and debris before even attempting to apply a suitable polish.

We recommend the following products for cleaning Minton tile floors

Universeal Extreme Clean
Universeal Grout Residue Remover

For giving the Minton floor a nice satin gloss we recommend

Universeal Gloss and Seal

Once you have applied the polish, you need to use mild pH neutral cleaning products to keep the polish in tip top condition. Here’s what we use

Universeal Easy Clean

Marble Floor Polishing Windsor

Marble Floor Polishing Windsor
If you have a beautiful marble floor in Windsor which is looking tired, scratched and a little worn. Great news, we are expanding our marble floor polishing and restoration service into the Windsor area.

Using our bespoke modified machinery and Swiss diamond technology, coupled with years of experience we can breath new life into your floors. We are able to smooth out and in most cases erase scratches in your floor, increase the gloss, clarity and overall reflectiveness of the marble flooring.

Plus we are able to help protect your investment with premium stain guard products that last for up to 25 years.

Send us an enquiry today!

New diamond tooling using Swiss Diamond Technology

As we’ve blogged before, we’ve spent some considerable time and investment developing diamond tooling for our stone and concrete polishing projects. Well, our diamond tooling has become even better, not only with regard to the gloss and clarity produced but also greater efficiency and recyclability from the new Swiss tooling.

Please feel free to put us to the test, let us show you how well we can polish.

Todays work


We’re working on a Victorian geometric (Minton) tiled floor in Willingham, Cambridgeshire today and tomorrow. Just a few cracks to repair, loose tiles to re-fix and a few missing tiles to hand cut and replace. Photos and a video of our work to follow.

Carr Restoration Ltd Switching to Dry Treat Sealers

After a great deal of testing of different sealers on tile, stone and concrete over the last few months, we have now chosen our new range of sealers that we are to employ across all of our restoration projects. We chose Dry Treat simply because of their excellent performance and high levels of protection compared to other products, they literally stand head and shoulder above the rest.

Admittedly they are far more expensive than your run of your mill sealers found in tile showrooms and somewhat more expensive than other premium sealants, but given that we offer a premium finish, these costs can be more than justified with the added performance and protection that Dry Treat sealers add to our restoration and polishing projects. Continue reading

High amount of interest in our stone floor polishing services

Since we announced the purchase of our latest machinery and new custom designed diamond tooling, interest in our stone polishing and concrete polishing services has been phenomenal.

We are really proud of this system and all the hard work that has gone into designing and manufacturing something so unique, and we really want to show off what we can do with stone and concrete flooring. Continue reading

Marble Floor Polishing Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln

Just a reminder that you should not forget we also do great work on marble floor polishing in and around Nottingham, including Derby, Leicester and Lincoln.

We have a range of options to offer our customers to suit a variety of budgets. All of our processes use diamond polishing techniques and are free from harmful crystallisation techniques.

And to top all of this off. we have a new premium water based impregnating sealer that lasts for up to 15 years.

For more details and to request a free test patch see: Marble Floor Polishing Nottingham

Victorian Minton Floor Repair Service Resumed

Due to popular demand from our customers, we have taken the decision to resume our Victorian Minton floor repair service alongside our restorative cleaning services for tile, stone and concrete.

It seems there are a lot of charlatans out there purporting to be restorers of these beautiful Victorian floors, but unfortunately they do not possess the necessary skills to undertake the work and often leave the customer in a terrible mess.

Each week we receive distressing emails about problems with Minton floors that have either been cleaned by DIY processes from misleading information, by carpet cleaners who simply have not an ounce of knowledge or cowboys who bodge these tile floors which we consider to be works of art.

Put an end to the rogue restoration culture and employ professionals, yes it may cost a little more, but at least you will not regret the decision.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Really pleased to announce some exciting new polished concrete flooring projects we’re due to undertake very soon. All of the polished concrete flooring projects are to be of the highest gloss finish possible, fully sealed to give resistance from staining.

As soon as we make a start we’ll get the cameras rolling and upload the before/after photos and videos.

Carr Restoration to take legal action against UntoldMedia

We recently noticed some very poor imitations of our websites, quickly and unimaginatively created by UntoldMedia – created solely with the aim of damaging our business and good name. Please do not be fooled by these websites or contact them.

Carr Restoration Ltd has since been instructed by our legal advisors to take screenshots of the offending websites, plus any blogs posts directing visitors to said sites.

Legal proceeding will start on monday to remove these spam sites from the internet. It is very unfortunate that a family business must protect itself from such individuals.

Stone Floor Cleaning Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln

Stone Floor Cleaning Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln.

Often we are asked where we work, what areas do we cover and what services we provide.

In short the only place we do not cover is central London where the congestion charge is in force, logistically it is a nightmare for us to work there, so that’s a no go area I’m afraid. Continue reading