Carr Restoration Ltd Switching to Dry Treat Sealers

After a great deal of testing of different sealers on tile, stone and concrete over the last few months, we have now chosen our new range of sealers that we are to employ across all of our restoration projects. We chose Dry Treat simply because of their excellent performance and high levels of protection compared to other products, they literally stand head and shoulder above the rest.

Admittedly they are far more expensive than your run of your mill sealers found in tile showrooms and somewhat more expensive than other premium sealants, but given that we offer a premium finish, these costs can be more than justified with the added performance and protection that Dry Treat sealers add to our restoration and polishing projects.

Plus as an added bonus, these sealants are highly breathable so completely suitable for Minton and Victorian tiled floors.

Here’s a quick video presentation describing the Dry Treat Sealers that we are to start using at Carr Restoration Ltd.

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